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CASH CHALLENGE STARTS: Jan 15th – April 8th , 2024

$100 Cash Buy-In.  Lose the most weight and win the ENTIRE CASH PRIZE!

This is your chance to achieve your fitness goals while earning rewards for your hard work. Are you ready to transform your body and bank account? Make 2024 a healthier and wealthier you!

Sign up for the F2T 12-week CASH WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING program. This training program is a carefully curated mix of bodyweight exercises designed to help you shed those extra pounds and a chance to WIN the CASH CHALLENGE.

Enroll in the F2T 12-week CASH WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE  by registering on the Healthy Wage website.  The cash prize consists of the initial amount collected ($100.00) from every participant. Each participant submits a video-verified Weigh-in on January 15th, 2024; whoever achieves or surpasses a 6% average weight loss by the verified video weigh-in by end date of April 15th, 2024, the participant or participants will emerge as the winner/ winners!  The Cash Prize will then be divided equally among all the successful participants, who will receive a check for their share.

The Cash prize consists of the initial amount collected minus a 25% administration fee and any outstanding fee installments. 

How It Works


Get Verified

You must verify your weight twice during the challenge. January 15, and April 15, 2024.  We recommend video verification, which can be done at home and uploaded to the Healthy Wage website.


Start Your Journey

Receive your personalized workout nutrition target, and coach Theo to help you stay on track.


Transform Your Body

Make lasting changes for a healthier lifestyle and watch your hard work pay off.

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